April 2, 2012

Looking Ahead to Garage Sale Season - Frame to Tray to Table

What can you find a lot of at garage sales? Frames!

There is obviously a lot you can do with a frame. One of my favorite ways of re-purposing a frame is to make it into a tray.'

Here is one without the handles:

I've been thinking about trays lately as eating outside will be more frequent now with the nicer weather.

When eating outside, it is great to have a tray to bring in and out with food, as table place settings, and even to help clean it all up. I'm planning on getting a few so that each guest would have their own, making it easier to bring inside.

Plus, there are endless opportunities when it comes to trays.

A small one could even be used for keys by the door. Get creative and look at the next frame you see at a garage sale differently!

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