April 20, 2012

Headbands and Bows from the Show

I'm not necessarily wanting to post headbands and bows in my etsy store, but did want to show some of the smaller items I have made the past month.

Message me if you are interested in an item, but as always it is just fun to look too!

Purple headband 6 months - adult size. Clip with a pale pink button and polka-dotted ribbon. $10.00

Teal headband 6 months - adult size. Double clip, one with polka-dotted and pink ribbon, the top white flower comes off and is a separate clip also. $12.00

Baby Elastic Feather Flower Headband 3-6 Months
Hot pink feather flower with netting and a rhinestone - $10.00

Baby Elastic Silk Flower Headband 3-6 Months -
Variations of pink with a flower print on it - $10.00

Vintage Yo - Yo Clips - Alligator clips attached to the back - $2/each
Not available: Blue with Lime green button, Pink with brown button, and Green with green button

Ribbon Alligator Clips

From the top left to right on down:
Pink Paisley print with nylon pink rosette: $3
Green, real, and yellow button with polka-dot ribbon knot and pink yarn rosette: $5
Black: Not available
Hot Pink ribbon, knot, buttons, pale pink feather, and hot pink yarn netting: $7.50
Cream rosette, purple knot, pink and teal button, pale pink feather, and pink yarn rosette: $5
Yellow button and ribbon: $5
Polka-dotted and lace bow: $3
Red and White with Red glitter button: $4

Ribbon Alligator Clips

From the top left to right on down:

Pale pink button, polka dotted ribbon, ribbon, and pale pink feather clip: $5
Pink Paisley print with nylon pink rosette: $3
Pink button, assorted ribbons: Not available
White button and pale pink polka dotted ribbon circle: $5
White bow with Green button: $1
Felt pink flower with lace and lime green button: $5
Lollipop 2-in-one clip (Lollipop comes off to be another small clip): $7.50
Brown button, football, gingham and polka dotted ribbon button: $5

Let me know if you need other pictures also.
Stay tuned for more!

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  1. These are SO cute...I would buy every single one if I had a baby girl. Seriously. You have TALENT