March 9, 2012

Kleenex Box Matching Game - Making the Best out of a Cold

I don't know about you, but I try to keep my toddler busy as much as possible. So whenever I find a cheap idea for a busy bag or rainy day activity, I don't waste much time.

Colds are no fun, but they almost always result in some empty kleenex boxes. I always enjoy the different patterns that I see and get excited to put them into the bathroom (excited? I know nerdy).

Anyway - here is what you need:

Kleenex Box Matching Game

-Empty Kleenex Boxes (as many as you feel the need)
-Something to make a pattern out of (stick with simple shapes)

Cut out the sides without the seams:

It works well because they look all the same on the other side:

Choose an object to trace around for uniformity:
Stick to simple shapes unless you are an overachiever, then try a star or something amazing

If they have a pattern, and you are a perfectionist, line them up and make sure you are cutting part of the design that both of the pieces have.

Again, choose a part that they both have:

Here you can see where I traced the block (my 'pattern') with a pencil. 
What is nice, is that it makes a nice indent to cut along:

I lined up the design here and just traced around the first one that I cut:

Both of the different designs cut and ready to go:

Then, you are ready!

You can keep adding to your collection. And if your child is old enough, they can even help you!

Throw it into a pencil case and keep it somewhere you can grab it and go.
Whether it be to out to eat or to the doctor's office or for that moment when they are driving you crazy because you haven't left the house in 5 days.


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