February 29, 2012

How It Started...

I started Polka Dot Pocket in October of 2010. My etsy store was filled with many things that I had made myself and thought of it as an online gallery! After a little while of, well, not selling anything, I made my focus a bit different until I found something that both I liked to create and what others liked as well.

Specialty baby hats!

As a stay-at-home mom, I needed some sort of creative outlet. Polka Dot Pocket has become that outlet.

First an etsy store, and now it means so much more to me.

I started this blog for Polka Dot Pocket as another outlet of creativity. Here, I will create, teach, show off other people's awesome things, and maybe share my pet peeves because it always feels better to tell someone about them. Like going really fast in the lane that is closing clear up to the start of the closure and nudging into the only lane that is open in front of the people who were waiting. There. I feel better already.

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