June 1, 2012

How Chalkboard Paint Changed my Life

Let's face it, having a baby no matter what number of baby in the birth order it is, rocks your world in at least one way.

Last week, was my slump week. I was totally off in a lot of areas of life! When I didn't want to get out of bed one day I decided something needed to change. Maybe more than one thing but I started to look at the different areas of my life and dust them off.

2 or 3 weeks prior, we had painted the door going to our garage with chalkboard paint. I thought it would be fun and interactive for my little ones to draw on. And it would hide the marks that were happening on it from magnets ;)

As I was doing some dusting in the areas of love, finances and (most importantly!) my relationship with God, I started using this door in more ways than I ever thought I would.

Here's what has happened:

1. I implemented a "I love you because _________" for my husband. For all those random small or big things that I absolutely adore about him and think of daily. He just wasn't knowing all of those things, and I needed him to know. Babies change your marriage, not for the worse, but they just change it because of less time for each other. Less time to say what needs to be said. Writing down random things of why I respect him has been really great so far. I look forward to it and are constantly thinking of new things to put on there!

Because when I look at him. I love him to the bottom of my soul. Seriously people. We could have a movie with our story. I will fight for our marriage to be strong no matter what! And if that means writing on a door every day, I will do it! There is a canvas print in our living room that is from our engagement pics. If you saw it, you would understand. Not because it is cheesy or something bad, just because of the way we are smiling at each other.

2. I've started to write random things that I have learned through books I'm reading, scripture, etc. etc. It is right there by our kitchen table and what we see when we leave the house. Perfect placement! Another positive is that it holds me accountable and because I am a teacher (side note from Beth Moore: You know you are a teacher, when you learn something you just want to shout it out to everyone!) this helps me 'shout'.

3. Time with my children. I cannot wait to start writing notes to my kids on this, when they can read, which won't be for a while! But for now, I get to draw and imagine with them. Going on adventures and of course, teaching them how to draw. I love to draw. Another bonus: helps me with a creative outlet.

4. Plain and simple: helps me to stay organized. To-do lists. I love them. Here I cannot escape them.

Needless to say, it has helped me in a lot of ways. I will always have a chalkboard door. You should too.

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